Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Nepal

We manufacture Servo Voltage Stabilizer (Hybrid) first time in Nepal. We believe in true and “Natural Power” to run in our Appliances. Our best engineers are design best Servo Voltage Stabilizer & Static IGBT Stabilizer. Our Stabilizer has more function, more than natural, more than reliable  as like other System. Our system Control any type of Power Problem Sag, Swell, Notching, Flicker, THD, Impulse, HIGH/LOW etc.

     Our design based on Digital Micro Controller, LCD Display, Bypass Switch, ON/OFF MCCB, Dimmer/IGBT, OIL/AIR Cooled, Fault Buzzer. Its work very Smoothly, nothing erected sound (less than 55db). Its a completely Natural Power produced.

   Its Display  “OIL” refill time, Temperature, O/P Voltage, I/P Voltage, O/P Current, I/P Current, HZ, Power, Earth Leakage Volt and many more.