Hybrid Inverter

850VA/12V – 1500VA/24V – 2.5KVA/48V – 3.5KVA/ 48V


Green Power Hybrid UPS allow you to eliminate disturbances due to power cuts. They are cost-effective, easy to install and good for the environment!

Now our many cities condition are still reeling under heavy load shedding and acute power shortage. Keeping this in mind Green Power has introduced Hybrid UPS for optimum performance, ensuring availability of electricity even during long and frequent power cuts. Green Power Hybrid UPS work as follows:

When Solar Power (PV) & Grid Power (NEA) both are available, it takes full 14 Amp charging current from solar panel to charge the battery depending on Solar Panel and Battery Condition. In case Solar Power available is less than 14 amp then its takes balance power from the mains.

So you can save money on your electric bill maximizing the uses of Solar Power.

Generally Grid Power is available in night to domestic user & power is absent during peak hour. Hybrid UPS battery remains charged during the night from grid power for early morning usage and during day time it is charged through solar for evening time usage, So Green Power Hybrid UPS takes care of battery charging problems and make sure you enjoy peace of mind.


  • Battery Level Display.
  • Sine Wave Stable Output.
  • Ensures the same power quality as the mains.
  • Delivers unmatched noise free performance
  • Provides extra long back-up for computers.
  • Ensures the longer battery life.
  • Uninterrupted power for computers – no reboots during power cuts
  • User friendly LED Display.
  • User selectable charging current with high/low charging option.
  • User selectable UPS and Normal mode.
  • Smart Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection.
  • High surge withstand capability (upto 300%).
  • Easy to Service.
  • Battery State Monitoring.
  • Three Stage Battery Charger.
  • Great Power Saving.
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction.
  • Keeps your expensive appliances 100% safe.
  • Generator Compatible.
  • Charging from solar (PV Module).
  • Low total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

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